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Application Performance Management
Monitor and manage the performance and availability of software applications to optimize customer experience.

Dynatrace is the market leader in Application Performance Management specializing in Web, Mobile, Java, .NET, and PHP application technologies. Dynatrace captures 100% of user transactions in atomic level detail from the Browser to the Database and every tier in between, including 3rd party services.

Dynatrace is used across the Development, Test, and Production lifecycle to help Developers and Testers engineer and release higher quality code faster and at higher frequency and to enable Production Operations to identify performance issues and get to root cause in minutes.

What are the benefits?

Dynatrace has been named the Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Management for the sixth consecutive year. This provides benefits in terms of efficiency, flexibility and costs:

Reducing resolution times due to fast root-cause analyses;

Concrete improvements possible due to in-depth insight

Higher conversion due to insights into the effectiveness of web applications

Direction of responsible engineers due to detailed information on the behaviour of the application

From reactive to proactive control

Alerts in the event of faults


JUKE SOLUSI TEKNOLOGI being partner of Dynatrace in Indonesia since 2015, specializing in implementations of Dynatrace’s application performance management and monitoring solutions.


JUKE SOLUSI TEKNOLOGI offers Dynatrace consulting and advisory services to help you gain real insight and business value from your machine data.

Professional Services

Our Dynatrace partnership ensures our consultants have the most comprehensive and up to date Dynatrace knowledge to help you adopt best practices and maximise your ROI.

Deployment Services

JUKE SOLUSI TEKNOLOGI’s Performance Engineers leverage Dynatrace to deliver innovative, world-class application performance monitoring and user experience monitoring solutions that help you deliver the best possible customer experience.

A next-generation data center is no longer a nice thing to have. It is a critical part of a strategic business and We are here to help.